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S.T.E.M. Explorers

Individualized S.T.E.M. social program designed for neurodivergent youth to develop or encourage interests and relationships organically. 

This program is focused on "exploring" S.T.E.M.! Opportunity to try out various activities + interests to see what your child naturally gravitates to.

Robots, 3D printing, LEGO, science experiments, Minecraft…and more!

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Be a part of an inclusive S.T.E.M. themed wonderland. S.T.E.M. Explorers allows each student to explore their interests or develop new interests within S.T.E.M. Individualized goals are incorporated within each of the group sessions, where students can work towards goals that are meaningful to them and family like:

  • Self-advocacy

  • Developing social connections

  • Collaborative play skills

  • Executive functioning skills/adaptations

  • Problem solving

  • Exploring S.T.E.M.

  • ...and more

We provides opportunities to sample each interest within each domain of S.T.E.M. They will get the opportunity to explore basic coding and robotics skills; learn how to create using a 3D printer; problem solve and build using their creativity and imagination; and much more!

Group size: 

Littles group (6-7 kids)

Kids group (8 - 10 kids)

Support ratio:

Littles group (1:1)

Kids group (1:3)

5-7 sessions*

1 intake meeting

2 hours* per group session

* For special programs like Spring Break or Summer, program logistics may be slightly different 

Using a person-centered approach, individualized goals are identified through a collaborative assessment process with the student and parents. At the end of the program, families will receive a final report that includes: 

  • Summary of child’s experience in the program 

  • Goal updates (how they were worked on, how it went)

  • Individualized recommendations (S.T.E.M. activities, resources, toys…etc)

  • Photos/videos of student in program (if consent is given at the start)



We accept payment via Autism Funding, CKNW grants, e-transfer and paypal. We are also partnered with Self-Design. Submit a registration inquiry for more information regarding payment and fees. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

We are dedicated to working with families to make our programs accessible as we can, we are happy to explore flexible payment options or sort out a plan if tuition fee is a barrier to joining the program. 


Program Calendar

Nov - Dec 2023

This World is Ours Centre

191 E 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC

STEM Explorers Littles

Ages 3 - 6

Nov 19 - Dec 17 / Sundays 

10-12PM / 1x a week


Nov 14 - Dec 12 / Tuesday

3:30-5:30PM / 1x a week

Ages 7 - 12

STEM Explorers

Kids (Group B)

STEM Explorers


Nov 19 - Dec 17/ Sunday

1-3PM / 1x a week

Ages 7 - 12

STEM Explorers

Kids (Group A)

* Some flexibility regarding age, you can still submit an inquiry if your child is outside the age range.

Autism / ADHD 


5 Daily group sessions (Mon - Fri)

Programs available for students aged 3 to 17

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