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Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, S.T.E.M. Sprouts delivers specialized accessible S.T.E.M. based programs for neurodivergent students. Fostering a fun exploration of S.T.E.M. in a low-pressure environment to allow for genuine social connections to develop.


Our approach in working with neurodivergent students is a commitment to providing neurodiversity affirming supports, and encouraging each student to be genuinely themselves. Program activities are individualized to the strengths/support needs of each student. 

Our mission is to provide accessible, strengths-based S.T.E.M. education for autistic youth.

Our passion lies in empowering our students and their families to cultivate meaningful relationships with their communities.

Our foundation is a combination of (1) research based + (2) practices learned from autistic consultation and listening to the autistic community.

Research Based

Autistic Consultation/
Listening to Autistics

We believe that autistic individuals are the true experts, listening to their lived experiences allow us to do better for the students that we support! 

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Danie was a research assistant in a  S.T.E.M./robotics study in 2019. She realized S.T.E.M. education is an understudied area in autism research and there was a lack of  S.T.E.M. based programs for autistic kids in British Columbia (B.C.). Danie integrated her research interest in S.T.E.M. education in her clinical practice with clients on the autism spectrum and/or ADHD, noticing the  benefits they reaped! 

Over the years, Olivia began the journey of unlearning + relearning practices from the neurodiversity movement, on how to best support her autistic clients . At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, while sharing telehelath resources/activities online, it resulted in her delving deeper into the online autistic  community. Olivia resonated strongly with the values of the neurodiversity movement, leading her to make many changes to her practice and had many conversations with Danie. 


They combined the need for accessible S.T.E.M. education + the need for neurodiversity affirming safe spaces for autistic youth.

Resulting in the creation of S.T.E.M. Sprouts! 

Learn more about the process of creating S.T.E.M. Sprouts below, all of the important pieces that came together!

Focused on listening and learning from the autistic community. (Ongoing)

Learning and unlearning practices, to best support our autistic learners.

Took our time and put thought into each aspect of STEM Sprouts.

Officially started work on STEM Sprouts over a years before launching.

Developed competence around STEM instruction and education.

Created STEM activity plans that are universally designed for diverse learning styles.  

Built a program and solidified core values. 

Every decision made, was powered by the core values of STEM Sprouts

Hired an Autistic Consultant, helped shape what STEM Sprouts is today.


Consulted on neurodiversity affirming practices, accessibility, and more to best support autistic students.

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